Your website may need a makeover, better functionality, stronger branding or improved technology to deliver the experience your users expect. With Telmont Montenegro as your partner you can have the confidence to do more while maximizing your time and minimizing your costs. Our roadmap to success will ensure you have the security and competence to move forward with your priorities and objectives while respecting your budget and timeline.


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Strategic Design & Consulting

Successful businesses rely on good planning and effective execution to distinguish themselves from competitors. CNP integrates these principles in their web development projects. Your marketing channels need to work together to strengthens your brand and continuously reinforce positive customer experience. When you trust CNP for your new or current web development project, you are assured that these fundamental objectives are kept as cornerstones throughout the build. A good foundation guarantees good success for future marketing materials and initiatives.

CNP Integrations consulting and design team work with individuals, companies, and organizations to create well designed, highly functional engaging websites that display on all screen sizes. Each website is contextually targeted to its respective audience and message while working with optimal speed and flexibility for your particular business model.

Where do we start?
Digital strategy should be the starting place for every website design project and it’s always the start of ours. By answering simple yet high level questions around your website goals, we can effectively plan and execute the website development project with our clients.

This process of asking the right questions helps determine the right approach for the project. We take this time to plan because we not only want to travel the right road but never run out of gas on our way. Once a clear vision and direction is understood by everyone involved, we assemble information into action plans that define the strategic approach. To do this, the CNP Integrations team draws from a diverse collection of experience from a variety of enterprise, nonprofit, and government projects. Once the strategy is in place, each project is assigned a project manager who is the go-to person throughout the execution phase. This point of contact ensures excellent customer service and allows the team to work efficiently to complete the website on schedule with the highest quality outcome.

Content Management System
One of the key benefits with the Joomla CMS is that is is relatively easy to use for non technical users. This means that more people on your team can contribute to the content you wish to present. A platform as flexible and easy to use as Joomla means how this content can be presented on your website virtually limitless.
We want your experience managing content to be comfortable and enjoyable across your team. Whether you need help creating a content strategy with your team or training your team on using the Joomla CMS for content creation and updating, we are happy to help create the content for your website.

Search Engine and Performance Optimization (SEO)
Joomla CMS offers a flexible platform that you can install extensions that meet your websites’ needs. There are thousands of extensions to use and if what you need isn’t available, Joomla custom extensions can be developed. This means your Joomla website can do just about anything... except make you coffee.

Since many extensions can be installed on a Joomla website at the same time, this can create a situation where your website’s performance is slowed or otherwise impacted. Often there are trade-offs to weigh in terms of website speed versus functionality. Finding the right combination of extensions that are compatible and perform well on your website is an important step in the website development process.

In addition to balancing these needs for each website we create and maintain, we have built an optimized hosting and security platform for Joomla CMS that allows us to monitor and improve website performance for both search engines and human users. At CNP Integrations, we offer advice that allows you to make the best possible decisions for your website and deploy an optimized and stable platform that serves your needs.

Creating Your Design
The Joomla community has inspired world class designers to build compelling templates for Joomla websites to implement. At CNP Integrations, we take the talent of these designers and customize templates for your unique needs combining them with the information in the content management system, functionality needed, and your company’s brand.

For traditional websites, CNP Integrations uses your brand identity to create a website layout for you to review. Modifications are made until you are entirely satisfied with the design after which, it is coded onto the website.

For “responsive design” websites, CNP Integrations uses your brand identity to create a website concept. Since the design itself is fluid, the concept will be refined until you approve it. An additional step in this process is you will need to prioritize content for importance on mobile (smartphones), tablets (iPads), and computers. For example, your directions page might be ‘very important’ on your mobile site but only ‘somewhat important’ on the computer version. Determining importance will determine how and when information displays and dictate design.

Working with both regular and responsive world class templates helps us keep costs lower for our clients and gives them a beautifully functional websites that convey their messaging.

Have a designer in your company? CNP Integrations can implement their layouts and designs on your Joomla website. Whether we work with our designers or yours, your Joomla website will be as unique as your company and make you look good online.

Joomla! on Mobile Devices
No matter how you look at it, the mobile web is growing and your new website needs to serve these customers. Whether you want a stand alone simplified mobile website, a custom app, or a ‘responsive design’ website that optimizes to any screen size in a web browser, CNP Integrations takes mobile seriously and incorporates a mobile strategy into all our projects.

Different mobile website technologies have different benefits and costs. Before implementing any solution, CNP integrations can help you define your mobile strategy and then use the most effective option for your site.
Mobile is the future and we want to help you harness Joomla in a mobile space so your website does what it needs to wherever people view it.