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CNP Integrations offers the first comprehensive program designed around Building Successful Online Communities with Joomla CMS.

Today’s Web technologies make it possible to build robust online community that can engage your audience like never before. However, building your own community requires a lot more than installing a few extensions and inviting a few friends. To build a sticky community you will need a viable business plan and the strategy to fill the needs of the people you want to attract. This is not an easy task but not impossible as we’ll explain.

We have identified 7 focus areas that will significantly help improve the success of your community building project. Although no plan can guarantee absolute success, failing to correctly identify and implement these points can be extremely costly and in many cases plain disastrous.

Are you asking the right questions? Don't worry, if you are not, we will help you identify the right questions and work through getting the best answers for the questions you have.

When you consider building a community the closer you look the more questions you will (or should) likely have. All of these questions need answers and all of the answers involve support from either technology or a well thought out strategy. Making sure you carefully consider each of the right questions can be a daunting task but can be critical to the success or failure of your project.

Our community building program takes you through all of the steps required for first defining the right questions to ask and then systematically getting answers. Who and what is your community and why build a portal around this community? We take you on an exploration of ideas and real world examples that can help you better identify pathways for achieving success with your community portal vision. We will share proven success strategies and insights that will maximize your potential and refine your business strategy around your portal concept.

"Communities are much more than turning on the technology and hoping visitors will show up"

There are a lot of great extensions to develop feature rich tools for building your community with a Joomla CMS but you need to do more than just build the technology aspects and expect your visitors will show up with enthusiasm. Our technical and programming teams build robust platforms and our design teams create compelling user interfaces but our consulting approach is more geared toward success rather than just turning on the technology with pretty pictures. We feel it is more important to truly understand the why? Before we deliver the how?

After we discover why you want to build your community and what your online community is intended to be at a high level we will go through a series of checklists and questions around seven pillers of success.

  1. Audience: Identify your audience and why your concept is valid
  2. Strategy: Starting with a plan and connecting the dots
  3. Technology: Tools and Technology to glue it all together
  4. Marketing: Marketing to your audience and building traffic
  5. Monitizing: Building sustainable revenue streams
  6. Maintaining: Ongoing maintenance - welcome to the software management business
  7. Coolness: Keep it fun and “Cool” to hang out on your site

We take you through real world case studies and examples of successes stories and failures. We will help you understand the common failures and hurdles you might face in the process of getting your community portal from concept to reality. We will help you find and build the resource teams to hit the ground running with effectively developing, marketing, launching and sustaining your community. We will help you prepare for safeguarding data, securely managing your system and protecting you from liability.

Call or email now to find out how you can participate in this exciting program that will help you inprove sales and increase the success factor of your online community.