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Joomla Statistics

Why Joomla?

Joomla is one of the most powerful, flexible and secure platforms on the market. Frankly, we have yet to encounter a web project that could not be implemented by leveraging diverse Joomla tools and solutions. The best part? The software is built by an open source community that is home to some of the best developers in the world. There are also over 9,4000 extensions built "Joomla ready." This means you can easily and affordably integrate the most current most cutting-edge tools and solutions into your website, while not having to lock your organization into exclusive and costly vendor relationships. Put simply, Joomla provides you with the best return on investment.

Employees Need Powerful Digital Tools, Not Computer Science Degrees

From a user's point of view, the Joomla content management system is the easiest to embrace and adopt particularly for the less technical users. Your people don't need to be geeks, they need technological tools that enable them to complete their job in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Your employees shouldn't need computer science degrees to quickly respond to customers, stakeholders and industry trends.

Managers Need Stability, Security and Easy Administration

Enterprise Joomla has arrived, and just in time. Cyber threats have increased over 7000% in the past 6 years . With cloud based hosting optimized for security and performance, Joomla offers a stable platform to grow and manage your business online. CNP Integrations proactive support team in partnership with Rackspace's Cloud based hosting and SecureLive's advanced security solutions has build the most secure and powerful hosting platforms in the industry. This means your managers can sleep well at night.

Consumers Need Access and Usability

Consumers are more sophisticated and web-savvy than ever before. Joomla provides you with powerful communication tools and functionalities that help meet your client's online need. Additionally, with the thousands of templates available created by world class designers means your website can look fantastic in the process.

Enhancing your Digital Strategy with Joomla

Joomla allows your organization to be prepared for the constant changing web world. This means you can continually integrate the most current social tools and take advantage of most up-to-date digital strategies. At CNP we believe this is the most important part of web development. Namely, providing you with technology that allow you to cultivate community, maximize your subject matter, and successfully communicate your messages across the web universe.

Mobile and Device Ready With Joomla

The world has become more digital and this translates to optimizing your site so that it is accessible across mobile, tablets, and a variety of devices. This difficult proposition is made easy by Joomla which enables you to take advantage of solutions such as responsive design. Most importantly, Joomla leadership is constantly taking a pulse of the market, and each version is updated with more powerful tools to minimize work and optimize performance in this area. Joomla 3.0, for example, will incorporate Bootstrap, which simply means geek awesomeness in tackling this growing trend. Notably, the CNP Integrations team pays special attention to this growing need, and will provide you with the guidance you need to ensure that your brand is properly represented across all web ready devices.

Joomla in a Social Economy

Want to integrate social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin into your site? Need tools to easily deliver social centric content and stimulate collaboration across existing social networks? Need to create your own social network? Joomla has diverse tools to meet your community needs.

Learning Management With Joomla

Learning management is much more than having an online catalog of learning resources. The most effective online learning comes from building a Community Centric Learning Management Experience. This approach and the tools available in Joomla will allow your organization to deliver an unmatched learning platform for organizations and institutions, whether large or small.

Want to find out how Joomla can specifically help your organization, or have additional questions? Contact one of our support specialist who will be happy to review your project and provide you with a free assessment.

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