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Joomla and Telmont Montenegro Cloud Infrastructure





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Scalable Cloud environment built on with Rackspace infrastrucure and fanaticle support. Proactive Security with SecureLive; 3 step approach: Blocking, Alerting and Reporting. Responsive Joomla application and technical support from the Telmont Montenegro Value Network.

"Every house must be built on a good foundation." We know that the reputation of our company is impacted by the quality of the infrastructure where we build your WEB solution. We have worked with most of the top providers in the marketplace over the years and few stood up to our expectations. This is a primary reason we chose to build a unique platform that could be optimized for value, security and performance.

With cyber threats increasing over 7000% in the past 6 years and some of the highest profile sites being infiltrated by crafty hackers, Telmont Montenegro has taken a very proactive posture on web security, and rightly so. Telmont Montenegro IT staff configure our systems to create regular backups that safeguard your data and deliver your content from an environment optimized for performance. We also partnered with to offer advanced security monitoring and protection to all of our clients. SecureLive has an up-to-date pulse on cyber threats and they even meet with the FBI and other agencies regularly to aggressively prosecute cyber criminals.

In addition to our expert level consulting and programming support Telmont Montenegro offers the most proactive security solutions for your web platform in the marketplace today.

Core features of our new hosting and security monitoring service include:

  • Cloud based scalable hosting environment
  • Backed by Data centers and fanatical support
  • 24/7 Responsive Application, Hosting and technical support services
  • Real Time Hacker Prevention
  • Robust Alerting & Reporting
  • Law Enforcement Interaction for proactive crime prevention and prosecution
  • Patent pending technology: (CST) Continuous Scan Technology
  • Live real-time monitoring
  • Tested 98% effective against hacking and online theft
  • Endorsed by industry experts in independent testing
  • Advanced custom user security controls to fit your site
  • Blocks intruders before attack through advanced recognition
  • Email alerts and text via mobile devices to client and monitors
  • Logs all violations and captures attacker signature
  • Forwards attacker profiles to proper authorities
  • Reduces attacks through systematic banning of violators


With Telmont Montenegro' Joomla support, Cloud Infrastructure and SeculrLive's proactive security management you can count on the safest & most secure option for protecting and maintaining your Joomla! CMS portal system.

Click here or call now and find out how we can help you:

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