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Migration from Drupal to Joomla CMS for any website (both large and small) is not an easy task. Though there are many advantages for companies and organizations to convert from their existing Drupal frameworks to a new Joomla CMS framework, it has been cost prohibitive to make this transition.

Telmont Montenegro' visionary approach to programming, supported by a couple of brave clients, set out to solve this problem. In 2011, Telmont Montenegro successfully implemented the first enterprise-level migration and conversion of a Drupal website to the Joomla CMS, and has since implemented others. In 2012, Telmont Montenegro released the code base for the Drupal to Joomla CMS conversion as an open source project.

While there are many manual steps required to map the two unique data models, and it requires some pre-configurations of your Joomla website prior to any migration, the team at Telmont Montenegro has developed several migration scripts that reduce the time required to migrate data and execute the process with greater efficiency.

Telmont Montenegro offers full-service support for Drupal to Joomla Migration – CMS Conversions

Do you need help with your Drupal to Joomla migration? The Telmont Montenegro team has developed a unique process that can make this seamless for you. Converting from Drupal to Joomla can be daunting, but Telmont Montenegro has developed a way to make this feasible both in cost and time to execute. Telmont Montenegro is the most experienced in the industry for migrating and developing large-scale Drupal to Joomla migration projects.

Our unique model for the Drupal to Joomla migration leverages a custom extension, unique configuration of Joomla, and an export from Drupal that is mapped to your new Joomla platform.
Our Drupal to Joomla migration services include:

  • Implementation: Strategic planning and technical analysis to complete your Drupal to Joomla migration in a very timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Technical consulting: We'll ensure your hosting environment meets the requirements and is optimized for the Joomla CMS and responsive, secure performance.
  • Drupal theme to Joomla template conversions: Your Drupal theme can be converted to a professional-grade Joomla template.
  • SEO & marketing consulting: We can help you maintain a solid SEO footing through your CMS migration and help you advance your overall marketing potential in a Joomla framework.
  • Joomla training: Our one-on-one or group training services are affordable, available on-site or remotely, and customized to your specific needs.

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